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Murray Henderson was born in New Zealand and was taught to play the bagpipes by his father. Later, he received piping tuition from top pipers in the country, Donald Bain and David Boyle. He emigrated to Scotland at the age of 20, where he studied under great pipers of the day, and started to make his mark on the competitive scene in Scotland. 


Murray is one of the world's most succcessful solo pipers, with a career spanning five decades. Since their creation, Murray has played a full set of  Stratmore Bagpipes in every competition. In 2006, Murray won the Clasp at the Northern Meeting, an event regarded as the most prestigious piobaireachd competition, playing a full set of Strathmore Bagpipes with Henderson Reedmakers' Reeds.


He became a full-time reedmaker in 1976. Murray and his wife Patricia are partners and run the business together. Patricia was a very successful solo piper wining prizes in the Gold Medal at Inverness in the 1970's, and winning Open competitions on the Scottish Games circuit. 




Murray's accomplishments include:                                                                                                                          

Highland Society of London's Gold Medals at Oban and Inverness

Clasp to the Highland Society of London's Gold Medal at Inverness, 6 time winner

The Open Piobaireachd at Oban

The Dunvegan Medal

The Colonel Jock MacDonald Clasp to the Dunvegan Medal, 2 time winner

The Silver Chanter, 5 time winner

The Bratach Gorm, 5 time winner

The Gillies Cup, 3 time winner

The Marches, Strathspeys & Reels at Oban and Inverness

Former Winners MSR at London, 5 time winner

The Glenfiddich Championship, 4 time winner


PDcoverNov01Murray was the feature interview of the November 2001 issue of Piper and Drummer Magazine. He is pictured with the Bratach Gorm (Blue Banner).


PTcoverNov03Featured as "The Comeback King," Murray makes the cover of the Piping Times following his win in the Northern Meeting Clasp competition in 2003.

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